Reusable Bamboo Cosmetic Pads

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These soft, reusable bamboo cosmetic pads are great replacements for makeup remover wipes, cotton balls, or cotton rounds. The starter kit includes 16 reusable pads, a mesh wash bag, and a bamboo case to store them in. Save the planet, and your skin! 


70% bamboo, 30% cotton

Other Information: 

Washing Instructions: Always wash your reusable cosmetic pads in the mesh bag provided. Wash on the regular cycle (delicate is not needed). 

These pads may take up stains depending on the types of cosmetics used. You can treat with stain remover but the staining is purely cosmetic. It’s perfectly fine to use these with stains as long as they have been properly washed. 

About OLA Bamboo:

OLA Bamboo is a company located in Victoriaville, QC. Run by 3 young entrepreneurs whose mission is to make a difference for the environment. To help reduce plastic waste, they produce quality bamboo products including toothbrushes, travel utensils, straws, and more.